A talk about views

Okay let’s talk about views in Service manager. I came across some difficulties in creating custom views.

  1. Incorrect labels

When you create a new view for ex. Incidents.

And you select a combination class of advanced incident properties.

As criteria you choose all open or pending IT SPOC incidents.

And as Display you choose Status , Support Group, Title, Assigned User ( Display Name ) and Affected User ( Display Name ).

Now if you look at the new view then you see 2 times the labels Display Name. Not so handy …

Now in order to fix this. First Export the MP.

Then download the tool for modifying the view from the following link :


And open the MP and modify the required labels ( here the default proposed ) and click save.

Now delete the MP and reimport the modified management pack and examine the view.

Much better ! Other issues will follow in the next posts …


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