Application Virtualization Client : no network detected.

During a deployment at a client site we had some issues with a set of clients. In certain situations the APPV Client was unable to retrieve the virtual application from the SCCM distribution point.
The error message recieved was : A network connection was not detected.
Of course the client was properly connected and could ping the distribution point without any issues.

Now we only recieved this error on a particular set of clients, connected to a particalur Cisco switch so we suspected some network settings.
After playing around with the following settings :

-> Spanning Tree Protocol

-> EtherChannel negotiation

-> Trunking negotiation

-> Link speed/duplex negotiation between switch and workstation
We were unable to resolved the issue. We could reproduce the issue while performing the following actions :

-> Clear the APPV cache

-> Shutdown the workstation

-> Remove and reconnect the network cable

-> Start up the machine

-> Rerun the advertisement

-> Click the icon in order to launch a virtual app and …
The following appeared again :

We finally ended up opening a MS support call and the solution was fairly easy !
After the installation of the following hotfix the issue was resolved.
2517187 Hotfix Package 6 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 RTM: March 2011;EN-US;2517187
“You try to perform a publishing refresh operation on the App-V client. However, the network is disconnected when you log on. Therefore, you receive a “0A-10000001″ error.”
Conclusion, always verify if you’re on the latest version of the software when you’re experiencing issues.


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