Installation Service Manager 2012


Happy newyear and best wishes for 2012 ! Today I share the finding of the installation of Service Manager 2012 Beta.

Prereqs :

-> OS Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

-> Service Manager 2012 Beta. Link :

-> SQL with correct collation and full text search installed.

Unpack the exe and run the X64 setup.

First we install the service management server.

Select the trial version and accept the license conditions.

Select the correct install path ( here the default path , no more additional disk space available 🙂

Install the missing requirements by using the wizard. Easy.

First One done.

Second one done.

Third one done.

Close the service manager setup and restart the wizard.Verify the result.

Select the SQL server and instance, the wizard will verify the SQL collation. See link : for the supported collations.

Select the correct path and click next. The beta always gave the incorrect collation although the collation was correctly set on this specific instance.

Select a unique management group name and a Service manager admin group.

Use the correct service account ( must be local admin on server )

Use the correct workflow account.

Check the CEIP.

Check recommend settings.


Check result.

Next time we configure the service desk tool. Bye.


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