SCSM2012 RC Portal install

So we have set up a great infrastructure for incident, problem and change management but it’s no good without the self-service portal. So let’s install this component now.
Remember ! Do not install the portal server on the management server. You cannot uninstall the portal component without reinstalling the whole management server. So take a seperate server for the installation of the portal. Or you’ll end up reinstalling your management server several times … Trust me 🙂
Start with the following link for more information :

-> First install the prerequisites. Add IIS server, ASP.NET , basic and windows authentication.

-> Now download the Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010

-> Start the sharepoint setup.

-> The setup will install the necesarry prereqs

-> Unfortunately not all necesarry updates were installed automatically. So you can find the necesarry updates listed here :
The missing updates can be downloaded manually and installed.

-> Restart the sharepoint setup so it will no longer stop because of missing prerequisites.

-> Select a standalone installation.

-> Let the installer perform its magic.

-> Run the configuration wizard.

-> Verify the result.

-> Now modify the sharepoint permissions as described on technet.

See link :

Ok ! We can now start with the service manager portal installation.
-> Install the web portal.

-> Select both components ( here for lab purpose )

-> Choose correct location

-> Verify that all the necesarry prerequisites are installed.

-> Use the default config and enable the SSL encryption.

-> Select the correct SQL server and instance name. ( ignore the collation warning, the collations are checked on all instances during the install wizard )

-> Select a domain user account for the portal ( normal domain user )

-> Select the correct sharepoint config.

-> Select a user account for the app pool.

-> Verify the summary and continue.

-> Verify the result of the installation.

-> That’s it. We will verify the portal itself in the next post.


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  1. Miguel Ângelo Saragoça Soares says:

    Nice. Thanks.

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