Service Manager 2012 Portal issue

So .. The portal is installed but not working ! How come …
When we open the portal page as Service manager admin we see this …

After verifying the certiciate information I saw that a different Server name was used.

So test with the correct name in order to resolve the certificate error message.

Export the certificate …

And import it in the computer account …

… As trusted root certification Authorities.

Still … No resolution for the blank screen in the middle of the portal. So open the IIS portal and go to Application settings.

Modify the Portal Webcontent URL from the old value …

… To the correct name on the certificate.

Test -> OK it works.

So now for a permanent solution. Create a new certificate using the IIS manager. -> <ServerName> -> Server Certificates -> Create new self-signed certificate using the fqdn of the service manager server.

Link the newly created certificate to the portal site by right clicking the service manager portal and the SCSMWebContentServer in IIS and selecting “edit bindings” -> select the newly created self-signed certificate.

Now finally make sure the Portal Webcontent URL ( as described above ) uses the FQDN of the service manager server.

However if we retest using a norma user account ( no service manager admin ) then we recieve the same issue. How come …

In order to resolve open sharepoint administration site …

… Select “Manage web applications”

…Select the portal site and click user policy and add domain users Full read Permissions.

Now test ( as normal end-user ) -> Success !!

Enjoy …


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