Veeam Introduces Free System Center 2012 Management Pack 10-Pack for VMware Monitoring

Veeam makes great products! I really love their nWorks Management Pack to include VMware metrics into System Center Operations Manager 2007 and 2012. They offer various advantages over the classical approach using only vCenter:

  • Use the advantages of the SCOM datawarehouse to enable data aggregation of VMware metrics. It is finally possible to report about VMware metrics over a period of up to 400-days! (or more if you change the grooming settings in your datawarehouse)
  • Get VM IO metrics even if they reside on NFS NetApp storage. (I’m told by my VMware engineers that this isn’t posible in VCenter)
  • Get advanced alerting possibilities using the standard used by your Operations team: System Center Operations Manager
  • Enable deep integration of the operator’s view from the VMware perspective until the applications running on it.

It really is software you can’t live without if you want to monitor all levels of your datacenter. Example screenshot:


My fellow VMware engineers also love their Back-up & replication solution! I’m not an expert in that field, so I won’t bother you with these details :).

Veeam just made a big announcement on the Microsoft Management Summit:

FREE 10 sockets of Veeam Management Pack

The Veeam Management Pack 10-Pack – a free VMware monitoring solution exclusively for new Veeam MP customers worldwide who are using Microsoft System Center 2012.

The Veeam Management Pack 10-Pack includes:

  • A free 10-socket license of the Veeam Management Pack for deep VMware monitoring in System Center 2012
  • One full year of maintenance and support

This is great news for a lot of my smaller customers who found the prices of Veeam rather steep. Keep up the great work Veeam!

All info can be found on the following link:

Get your free management pack at:


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