Defining Service Levels in SCSM2012

Today we show how to define service levels for incidents in the Service Manager 2012. Step by step …
Step 1: Define the priorities of your incidents.
Open Administration -> Incident Settings -> Priorities

Select the option to not use the legacy ResolutionTime.

Step 2 : Define the service levels

Open Administration -> Service level Management -> Service Level Objectives -> create new :
We will create an slo for each defined priority. This is the one for the priority 3 incidents.

Create a new Queue for the P3 incidents

All the Priority 3 incidents

Set correct priority

You can create a working hours calendar for defining the hours for SLO calculating. Here a working hours calendar has allready been created.
The metric used here is the default resolution time meaning the time between created time and resolved time. You can create your own metric if required.
Here we will set the SLO to 48 hours and a warning will be created 2 hours before the SLO will be breached.


Now we can use the default views for warning and breached incidents.

You can also see notifications when the incident is in warning or breached.

Step 4 : Create an email subscription for notifications on incidents
Administration -> Notifications -> Subscriptions -> New subscription
When object is updated, use class Service Level Instance time information.

When status is changed from “no warning” to “warning”

Create an email template containing the necesarry attributes.

And select the recipients. In this case a specific escalation group and the assigned to User.

And test …



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