Quick Tip : Download Prereqs with proxy

Everyone knows that if you try to do something quickly you normally end up having some issues and it allways takes longer then you expected so here’s a quick tip ! Downloading the necesarry prereqs for configmanager installation using a proxy server.

Now at this point I tried to use the UpdDwnldcfg.exe utility ( used for downloading MS updates in config manager using a proxy account ) =

Run the UpdDwnldcfg.exe on the machine where you are downloading the prereqs under Source -> Bin -> Architecture -> 00000409 and set the correct parameters. Only proxy and username is required.

Now run the download tool for prereqs. You can find it under Source -> SMSSetup -> Bin -> Architecture -> setupdl.exe in order to start the download.

But this did not work. No option worked, I still got the same result.
So second try.
Run Cmd as admin.
Open iexlore and set the correct proxy.
Run cmdkey in order to provide username and password for proxy.

Then run the setupdl.exe command in order to download the prereqs.
This worked … However I have the feeling that it could be easier.
Make sure to remove the settings after download … Otherwise your account will be locked out a lot …


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