Use VIP support in service manager

Today we extend the service manager incident class with a new property for VIP Support and we customise the form in order to use the newly created property. You will need the service manager authoring tool in order to perform these customisations.
Download the authoring tool at
Open the Authoring console.
New Management Pack

Browse class -> incidents -> details -> Extend class

Use a new MP

Create a new property

Make it a Boolean

Browse for System -> Workitem -> incident -> Consoleform

Rightclick and choose View. Then Click customise in authoring pane.

Add a Check box and bind it to the newly created SC_VIPSupport property

Verify the result and save the MP

Import the MP

Now Verify the result
You can see the checkbox created in the form and if you change the value you should see the binding property modified from true to false ( after clicking OK or Apply ).



P.S. Next time we’ll seal the MP before importing … I promise 🙂


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