Auto close resolved incidents


Trackback to the previous version of SM. Let’s auto close resolved incidents after 2 days using a custom MP in service manager 2010 SP1. Been there , done that but it is a requested feature by a lot of clients so here we go …

You will need the the service manager authoring tool and the Smlets powershell scripts. You can find them here

First create an MP with a powershell script.

Run at scheduled time

Choose desired schedule

Add Powershell script to the workflow

Set the script body. Here we used a 5 minute interval for testing. ( d.hh:mm:ss )

get-scsmincident -status resolved -inactivefor 2.00:00:00 | set-scsmincident -status closed -comment “Auto Closed”

Add snapin Smlets as snapin

Copy the created .dll to the system center 2012 installation directory

Create public / private key pair as described in

Seal the MP

Import the MP and test …

At first however the worklfow failed.

Solution is to modify the script to import-module smlets and remove it from the GUI

Then success



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