Remote control in CM2012

Okay we have all heard it. Everybody loved it. Remote control without logged on user in CM2012. Let’s see remote control in action.
Let’s start with the remote choices :

-> Remote Desktop

-> Remote Assistance

-> Remote Control
First you define the settings by creating or modifying a client setting.

Set the desired options. Here we configured all remote control possibilities and we have defined a viewers remote control group.

We deploy the custom settings to all systems here.

Now in order to start the remote control we can use the cm console or the cmrcviewer.exe under cm_instal\AdminConsole\Bin\x64\CmRcViewer.exe

You see that we can log on to the console while at logon screen and we can send ctrl-alt-delete.

Notice that the user automatically sees who is taking control.

The user also has access to a sessions status screen where he / she can close the session.

If a user is logged on then control prompt is presented.

You can also lock kb and mouse in the remote session.

If we set the permissions to view only we immediately see the result

In order to use the remote assistance feature you need to install it first on the server where you will start the session.

Now what’s nice about the remote assistance feature is that the user gets a prompt for viewing only and then has to explicitly accept in order for the administrator to get remote control on his machine. I believe this offers nice granularity.
Step 1 Remote Viewing

Step 2 Remote Control



One Response to Remote control in CM2012

  1. Ajay Yadav says:

    i just want to know that is it possible to hide this green sign ?
    so that front user can not know about that i can monitor all employees activity.


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