Activating EndPoint Protection

Using the config manager to provide security for your endpoint has never been easier. Let’s see how to activate the protection feature in config manager 2012.

Step 1 : Install the necesarry components.
You’ll need the EndPoint Protection Point and the Software Update Point in order to deploy signature updates.

Step 2 : Deploy signature updates for endpoint protection
Create automatic deployment rule.

Select the correct parameters.

Choose minimal detail level in order to reduce CPU on Config manager servers.

Select Definition Updates and product Forefront EndPoint Protection.

Run according to the proposed schedule.

Specify deployment details.

Hide notifications and supress reboots.

Generate an alert in order to be notified if compliancy or time offset is beyond the requested limits.

Set the additional options.

Create a new deployment package.

Complete the rest of the wizard.

Step 3 : activate the Endpoint protection client
Create a new client setting or update the default setting in order to activate the end-point protection.

Step 4 : Create antimalware and/or firewall policies

Step 5 : Verify the result !

Technet Link :


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