ExchangeConnector in Config Manager 2012


Using the exchange connector in config manager allows us to use a single management tool for Windows devices and perform a basic or “light” management of all ActiveSync devices. ( Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, … )

First what do you need ?

  1. A Supported version of exchange
Exchange 2010 SP1 Exchange online (Office365)

See link :

  1. The necesarry rights for the connector account

    See link :

Also make sure that the account you select is enabled for remote shell. More general information for exchange can be found here

Now let’s install the connector.
Go to the hierarchy and add an exchange server.

Use the correct properties for your environment.

Select an account with the correct rights.

Leave the other options default and complete the wizard.
Now check the logfiles to verify the correct functioning of the connector.
The log can be found at the normal log file location at the site server and is named easdisc.log

Now there were some issues connecting my mobile device with the exchange server.
I revieved a 0x86000C0A error when attempting to sync my (emulated) windows mobile 6.5 Professional.

The error seemed to be related to the fact that my test user was part of an administrative group. The following describes the issue in more detail :

Now i just removed the user from the admin group but I should have a more detailed look for a permanent solution for this issue. Or we could ban the admins from using activeSync 🙂

Now the connector is installed what can we do ?

  • First we can see the device in the devices overview.

We get info about the ActiveSync Client.

And we can perform some actions on the specific device.

  • Second we can create reports about the connecting devices.

Device Management -> Count of mobile devices by OS

  • Third we can create policies for the mobile devices through the config manager console

We can define the following area’s. Changes will be reflected by modifying the default exchange policy.
For instance we can require a 4-digit PIN code for our device.

We can also perform a remote Wipe of the device. This can be triggered in 2 ways :

-> using the sccm console

-> using the application catalog web site

-> (using the exchange tools )

According to me this allows for a basic management of a large collection of devices throug one single management console. Step 1 before proceeding to a “in depth” management solutions for mobile devices.

Kind regs

Gino D


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