Import computers in ConfigMgr database

Hi there,

This is a script that we’ve developed to easily import computers in the SCCM database. The script can be run from any device that is able to launch the underlying WMI queries at the SCCM 2007 / Configuration Manager 2012 server.

In a GUI the user can input all the information that is needed to import a computer.

You can clearly see the site code at the top of the GUI. The script also lists all available collections that are present in SCCM. The user can choose from these collections to add a computer.

Now the computername and MAC-address can be entered. Also the collection where the computer must be imported can be selected (by default the computer will only be imported into the All Systems collection). After entering all the information the Import button must be pushed and then you should see output similar like this.

You can see that the computer is successfully imported in the Deploy Windows 7 ENT x64 collection.

You can also import a computer with a computer variable, so the computer is immediately ready for deployment depending on this variable. Just fill in the name of the variable and the value. Be sure to doublecheck the spelling of the name and value because otherwise additional editing will be needed afterwards.

On this screenshot you can see that the computer (TESTPC_002) is imported in the Deploy Windows 7 ENT x86 collection with a computer variable DEPARTMENT with value IT. This can be checked afterwards in the SCCM console.

If you have an opinion about this script or you have questions about how we made it, feel free to put a comment here.

For code samples you can also place a comment



PS: We are working on a script that imports the computer both in the ConfigMgr database and the MDT database (with selection of appropriate roles). This is quite handy in a situation where the MDT integration (with database) has been setup. More news on that later.


2 Responses to Import computers in ConfigMgr database

  1. Torben says:

    Hi there. Could you please provide a link to the script?
    Thanx 🙂

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