OM 2012 Agent: report to SCOM 2007 (not R2) & SCOM 2012

Can an Operations Manager 2012 Agent report to an Operations Manager 2007(not R2) Management Group?
Yes it can.
Just install the Operations Manager 2012 Agent onto the server. Go to control panel and open the “Operations Manager Agent Properties”, add the 2007 Management Group. The server will show up in the “Agent Pending” group of your 2007 Management console. Go and Approve it.

In Operations Manager 2007 (not R2)

In Operations Manager 2012

So now your server is reporting to both Management Groups. Usefull to know if you’re planning a side by side installation of SCOM 2012 next to SCOM 2007.



6 Responses to OM 2012 Agent: report to SCOM 2007 (not R2) & SCOM 2012

  1. Svante says:

    Great information! Have you tried to upgrade an SCOM 2007 SP1 agent with the deployment wizard in SCOM 2012 Console?

  2. Kitaab says:

    What if you have SCOM 2012 Agents , were you able to add the SCOM 2007 R2 Management group on all of them remotely.

    I tried

    • Samuel Dubrul says:

      I didn’t try to add the management group remotely. I’ll give it a go next time. Maybe through the use of powershell?
      I’ll let you know.

  3. Kitaab says:

    It doesnt work

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