Quick tip deployment options !


I have had some issues with the deployment of physical HP blade systems using the HP insight Control Integrations. The tool can be downloaded here : http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/integration-msc.html and it provides a default task sequence for the deployment of HP physical boxes.

Now the issue is that in the release notes there is clearly noted that the task sequence should be set to “Run from distribution point” in stead of download & execute.

No worries, we can change this setting. However we found that the options apparently always reset to the default download and execute settings when the GUI was opened.
Remember in order to allow a package to run from the dp , the following options should be activated on every package referenced in the TS. Including the boot image.

After this you’ll have the options for running the task sequence directly from the dp.

Now if we check the options using wmi , you’ll see that the remoteClientFlags is 2184, which is run from dp and allow remote dp.

Now if we just open the Gui, go to the dp settings you’ll see that the download and execute is selected automatically?

… But if now we verify using wmi you’ll see that the settings has not changed !

The property for download and execute ( with use remote dp ) is 2816

Now this is a very confusing scenario.
More information can be found on : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2713465



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