HP Insight Control for System Center


Today we install and configure the HP insight control for system center 7.1.1 so we can deploy physical HP blade systems.

You can download the source on the HP site here

Let’s start with the setup.

Install on the primary site server.

Make sure you have administrative privileges.

Install .NET framework 4.0.

Close all open consoles.

When trying to install I recieved the error that .Net framework 4.0 is not installed.

Strange because the .Net framework 4 is correctly installed.

Make sure you start the installation as admin and the installation continues.

Okay so here we go !

Verify the preqs

Start the install.

After a few minutes an error occured.

Review the log file at %windir% ( hpproliantsccm2012kit-install.log : FolderNotEmpty, Object version mismatch ). The error is related to the AV real time scanning component. In our case it was the System Center Endpoint protection :).
After disabling the component and restarting the installation the error no longer occurs.

So disable the service temporary and restart the installation.

Wait for the installation to finish.

Configure the requested actions.

We had one warning for the distribution of the driver package.

And finish.

Now if you open the console you’ll see some items created by the HP software.

If you create a new task sequence you’ll see the option of the creation of a physical deployment ts.

Just add srv operating system install package and follow the wizard for deployment.



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