Issue after SQL move procedure. No more WSUS Sync.


Today we had an issue in monitoring node after SQL move has been performed ( in combination with Site restore / reset ). No more WSUS synchronisation would occur.

We had the following error : the MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once…

Link :

1.First backup of the content of the tables that will be modified in order to be able to perform a rollback.
Open SQL management studio , create a query on the SCCM db and export the result to file.

Run the query and verify that the result is saved in a file.

Perform this action for the following tables :




  1. We will modify the necesarry entries in order to revert to the original SMS Site GUID

Edit CI_UpdateSources table and remove the newly created entry. Verify the date and remove the newest.

Edit SMSData , Modify ThisSiteGuid to the only remaing GUID from the CI_UpdateSources table

Edit UnknownSystem_DISC, remove the rows pointing to the old GUIDs from CI_UpdateSources table. Verify using the date, remove the newest entries.

Open the registry on the site server and change the following reg key to the entry found in CI_UpdateSources table.

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Identification\Site ID to this new version.

Start Update Synchronisation and verify that the error no longer occurs.

Verify no additional errors occur on site monitor.


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