Lessons Learned : User state virtualisation

A bit of topic but I just wanted to share some findings about using Offline files and folders in combination with User redirection and roaming profiles.
Here are some of the lessons learned :

-> If possible use the latest version of SMB protocol for redirection. We’ve used SMB2.1 on Server 2008 R2 , currently no experience about the new smb version on server 2012.

-> Using DFS for redirection does not allow indexing to occur on the redirected folders so no search functionality is possible. Install the windows search service on the file server and add redirected locations.

-> Disable offline use for roaming profile share. ( Performance issues occur otherwise )

-> Instruct your users how to use the Sync center panel. Add to end-users training and include in FAQ.

-> Add an automatic resolution policy for redirected Appdata. See http://blog.stealthpuppy.com/windows/configuring-an-automatic-resolution-policy-for-offline-files-in-windows-7/ for more details. Use preferences for the implementation.

-> Fine tune your AV real-time scanning configuration. We’ve had some issues using McAfee in combination with redirected folders and needed some tweaking. ( exclude network locations )

-> Fine tune your slow link speed so users are not put in an unwanted offline state.

-> Always make subfolders available offline and discuss the “make available offline option” for end-users.

-> Limit the size of the roaming profiles.

That’s it. Enjoy …


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