Alert Summary Management Pack

Alert Summary Management Pack


Some time ago i’ve created a Daily Alert Summary report ( Based upon that post i decided to create my “Alert Summary Management Pack” for Operations Manager 2012 and i’m sharing it here.

This Management pack collects various alert counts and stores them in a performance counter targeted to the Management Server class. It also creates an informational alert that reports on the alerts that were created over time. This report lists the names of alerts that occurred most frequently. SCOM operators can use this to start tuning/resolving those alerts. Managers can use this report to have an overview of how many alerts are generated and how well the IT infrastructure/Operators are doing.

The performance counters are useful for trending. How many alerts are created daily? How many Critical Alerts are created? Is the trend going up/down? …

There is also one Task that’s created “Close Alerts Created by a rule” which does exactly what the name says. This can be useful for operators that don’t close Rules and these alerts remain in the console for ever and ever. If the alert is still active it will shortly re-appear of course.

After importing the Management Pack

Add an account that has sufficient rights to execute scom powershell commands to the “Alert Summary MP Account” profile.


Get All Alerts Created Yesterday

Runs by default ones a day and collects the number of alerts that were created yesterday.

Get Yesterday Closed Alerts

Runs by default ones a day and collects the number of alerts that were closed yesterday.


Get Current Active Alerts

Runs by default every hour and collects the number of active alerts.

Get Current Active Critical Alerts

Runs by default every hour and collects the number of active Critical alerts.


Create Alert Summary Report

This rule generates a report and writes it to the Operations Manager eventlog (event id 2013)

Alert Summary Report Rule

Picks up the 2013 event from the Operations Manager eventlog and creates an informational alert.


Close alerts created by a rule

This task closes all active new alerts that were created by a rule.

You can download the Management Pack here:!1224&authkey=!ANkYoe2cbxSNu9E


NOTE: The files are provided “As Is” without any guarantee. Please implement in your test environment first and check functionality.



6 Responses to Alert Summary Management Pack

  1. David Werner says:

    Nice Management Pack.
    A suggestion would be to be able to have trend data over several weeks or months, not just Yesterday and Today.


    • Samuel Dubrul says:

      Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your comment. All data is written to the DatawareHouse so you can create a report.

  2. abdali says:

    I am using SCOM 2012 SP1 with ACS.
    required the following reports.
    1. Health status of All agents deployed.
    2. All Windows operating system health report.

    thanks and regards,


  3. Salvador Carbajal says:

    Dear Master, can you provide me with the MP, the download link is broken 😦

  4. Salvador Carbajal says:

    Tks master i guess that was my ISP. Do you know something about alerts with sound?

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