Manage iOS with Windows Intune


Did you know you can manage iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8RT through direct management ( without EAS ) using Windows intune ?

Windows Intune is the SaaS Microsoft management Client solution.

Let’s complete the steps for managing a standard Ipad.

First take an Intune 30-day trial account and verify the online help :

Log on to the Intune Admin Page :

Open the admin console and set Intune as mobile device management authority.

Now the next steps are described in the help file on the right. You need to create a certificate in order to allow your intune service to communicate with the Apple push notification service.

First download the CSR from the intune portal.

Then use this csr in order to create a apple certificate. Use the following website :

Log on with an Apple ID and use the create certificate in order to create the certificate.

Watch out ! There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed if you create the certificate using IE. Details are provided in the help file or you can just use a Safari browser for the creation of the certificate.

Now browse using your Ios device ( 5.0 or higher ) to in order to enroll the device.

But … The following error occured when browsing to the site :

Solution was to open the Intune portal and verify the the user used to log on is part of the Intune Group. This is not the case default.

Retry and … Success !

Install the profile.

After the correct installation you’ll see a new app on the iOS device, this supplies access to the company portal where you can offer signed application package.

Now the device appears in the intune console.

Now you can enforce all kinds of items like :

-> Enforce passwords

-> Allow camera

-> …

A full list is available at

We’ll perform this next time. Bye.


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