Manage Windows RT with Windows Intune

Hi all,

As you might have seen in the previous post it is possible to manage iOS devices using Windows Intune.

In this post I’ll describe how to enroll and manage a Windows RT device.

To start, logon to the Intune Admin Page:

Open the admin console and go to Administration, select Mobile Device Management, Windows RT Management


A Sideloading key can be added to install line of business apps on Windows RT devices.

On the Windows RT device open the charms bar and search for company applications.


The Company applications setting opens in desktop mode


Login using the credentials known in the Windows Intune Console.

Also fill in the serveraddress (this is the serveraddress that can be seen in the Windows RT Mobile Device Enrollment Setup). If there was a domain name provided earlier enter it again here (possibly this will not be needed if the Windows RT device is connected to a corporate WLAN network).


Wait until connection succeeds


Click Install the management application


You will be redirected to Internet Explorer, from there you can can choose to view the application in the Windows Store.

From there the application can be installed.



Open the application and sign in with the Windows Intune account



After being logged in the company portal shows an overview off all available applications. They can be ordered using categories. Some information about the devices is also present and contact details which can be useful for support. These contact details are provided in the Windows Intune Admin Console.


The complete enrollment procedure shown here, can also be found on This website also describes the enrollment of other mobile devices.

An additional device is shown in the Intune console.


Now you can enforce all kinds of items like :

-> Remote wipe

-> Allow picture password

-> …

A full list is available at

In the next post I’ll show you how an app from the Windows Store can be made available in the company portal.




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