Bitlocker in windows 8 pro


Since the release of windows 8 there was change in features between prof and other editions.

The details are explained here

Windows 8 Enterprise | Enterprise Software | Enterprise Edition

As you may have noticed bitlocker is no longer limited to enterprise os, you now have this feature on windows 8 professional as well.

So, let’s activate it.

Open your apps and look for bitlocker.

Start the encryption wizard

Turn on bitlocker

You now have a new option of saving the recovery key to the ms account. I choose save to file because my logon user is not an admin.

I choose the option of only encrypting used space.

Run the bitlocker check and the tablet will be rebooted.

You can continue working while encryption is in progress.



One Response to Bitlocker in windows 8 pro

  1. Chuck Hughes says:

    Thank you! I am striving toward encrypting the hard drive. Acquiring and down loading the pro-pack seems to be getting me there!

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