Intune software deployment


Deploying software using intune is easy , but what is it goes wrong ?

Then we need to some digging.

Step 1 what gets executed at the side ?

If we add no parameters to the installation in intune there are still some default parameters added by the intune installation. In order to find out open the log file updates.log in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\OnlineManagement\Logs. On the example we deployed orca.msi without parameters in the console.

So in intune it looks like this

In the log file it looks like this

Attention if you open the log file in cmtrace you’ll get a non realtime view but a “old” content. Check with notepad to be sure that you see the latest content.

So make sure that if you run the command manually ( as system ) that it works. Now let’s say we add the conventional install parameters.

So the commandline looks like this

Now force a refresh policy on the client

I had to manually check for updates using intune console before the installation kicked in once more and then

As you can see on the following link the /q parameter will cause the installation to fail.

Now we’ll see the failed install in intune.

You can click on the link for additional info

That’s all for now, next time we’ll go into the detection mechanism in intune.


Gino d


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