Configmanager dependencies and conditions.


Today a talk about dependencies and prerequisites ( conditions ). Say you have an application like scsm console , which has several apps required for installing. If you upgrade from scsm 2012 console then you need ( in my case ) :

  • Scsm2012 ur2
  • Ms report viewer 2008 sp1
  • Ms sql analysis objects 2012
  • Scsm 2012 sp1
  • Scsm 2012 sp1 cu2

As described in previous post you can create dependencies for the different applications.

Below you see the latest cu2 for scsm 2012 sp1.

We create an application…

With a detection Method…

First issue , after the installation of the 2012 sp1 cu2, the scsm 2012 sp1 no longer detected as installed, so he tries to reinstall. ( after the cu2 has been applied )

Result :

Solution modify the detection method because the update CU2 modifies the version number of the console

After the update has been installed.

Ok, now we can chain them together.

First Install OK but as soon as the application detection cycle kicks in : issue because the installation no longer detects the 2012rtm ur2 as being installed ( because the installation of the 2012 sp 1 removes these keys ). So the application will install the 2012 rtm ur2 on top of a 2012 sp 1 installation which results again in an error.

Solution is to create a condition

add this to the UR2 deployment

Now the installation of the ur2 will only apply once because the requirement is no longer met after the installation of the scsm 2012 sp 1.

However ! When an application has several dependencies and one of those dependencies has a requirement which is not met, the none of the dependencies will be enforced. In other words the console will not be reinstalled.

So, you’ll see something like this

So this will mess up your monitoring because you don’t see if the scsm 2012 sp 1 cu 2 is correctly deployed or not.

So alternative approches :

  • Create a good old fashioned task sequence with packages and programs and set conditions to the steps
  • Create 2 seperate deployments with conditions :
    • One for the installation of 2012 rtm ur2 with condition 2012 rtm console installed
    • One for the 2012 sp 1 cu 2 with dependency 20120 sp1 console
  • Install manually 😊

Also remember that the console has a different commandline for full install or upgrade.

A bit complex but this would provide better reporting. Anyhow be carefull with the detection mechanism and conditions, they can prove to be tricky !



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