Customise the self service Portal


The self service portal of service manager 2012 is great but unfortunately it doesn’t look very sexy. So we’ll pimp up the portal by 3 actions :

  • Add icons and change look and feel
  • Add scroll bar for low resolution screens
  • Add languages for the end users

Let’s start with the look and feel.

Open the portal , select site settings.

Open look and feel.

Change title description and icon.


Site theme can also be modified

Add icons to your service catalog , looks much better…

Add scroll bar for low resolutions workstations. ( otherwise normal user will not have the scrollbar in the portal )

Open Self service portal as sharepoint admin , Click site settings and modify master pages.

Download the file SMportalPage.master

Edit in notepad

Find the line </head>

And add this just before it:


body.v4master {



                overflow:visible !important; //!important to override the original theme.


body #s4-workspace {

                overflow-y:auto !important;

               overflow-x:auto !important;

                height:auto !important;



Result should look like this

Upload the file as a new version to the library.

Done, check result as normal user. ( notice the scrollbar )

Download the required language pack for sharepoint doundation 201

And install

Perform the config wizard.

Now open the self service portal as sharepoint admin , open site settings

You should see language settings

Add alternative languages

Check the result as user

Woehoe success

That’s it … enjoy the result.


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