Windows 8 Devices HP elitebook


I am not really a tech freak, I don’t own the latest cell phone and until recently I used an IBM lenovo R500 as a laptop. ( = pretty old )

However since my employer is a single source vendor I get the opportunity to use some fancy win 8 devices.

This is one …

I am currently using the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 and I must say I think this is a winner.

For the specs see here :!tab=specs

I currently use the version with corei7, 12 GB Memory and 256 GB Storage.

Now for reality :

The good :

It has a big screen so it’s usable even without an external display. I also use a HP elitepad G1 but I experience the screen as too small for all day use.

It is performant ! This was also from time to time an issue with the Elitepad, the chipset is very good for conserving energy but not so performant. The Elitebook is fast and performs like a full blown laptop.

It has all the required add-ons ( mobile broadband, USB, micro SD, backlight on keyboard , gorilla glass, nfc, webcam … )

You can use it as tablet or as laptop by rotating the screen so there’s no seperate keyboard, docking, mouse etc like required with the elitepad.

The less :

Because of the performance the battery lasts about 3-4 hours.

The weight is more then the elitepad so it’s less “portable”.

Only Displayport available on the device.

Nevertheless I personally think it’s better for intensive use ( like it consultants ) then the elitepad because of performance and laptop ability.

Enjoy …

Tablet mode

Rotate …

Laptop mode


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