SA Application Approval Workflow

Today we install and configure the solution accelerator for the link between service manager and the config manager self service portal.
Download here :
Now let’s install.

Install on Service manager management server.

Install on Orchestrator server.

Issue 1 on orchestrator

Solution :
Add user used in wizard to OrchestratorSystemGroup

Issue 2 on orcehstrator console.

And in service manager event viewer.

Add rb user to scsm admins

Ok ! Now for the configuration of the Solution Accelerator.
Create new template with class “Application Request”

Add one activity , a default review activity.

Save the template.

Now follow the wizard to create a new selection criteria ( found in administration )

Give it a name and select a template. Choose from the created Application templates.
Attention ! If you select a template without the review activity then you won’ t be able to modify the reviewer section later in the wizard.

Now you can select Applications , users or both

Modify the reviewer activity as wanted.

Set the selection to Production

Now logon to a workstation and use the normal CM application portal and request an app

The user can see the status of the request

The sync runbook runs every 30´, you can trigger it manually and then you’ll see the request.

Now you can see that the user ( in this case the line manager ) has a request activity assigned

Approve it.
Wait for the syncing and you’ll see the app gets installed.

You can see the Application request once completed in the service request view. ( it can no longer be found in the application request view )

Remember that the application requests are based on software approval in sccm so a second install will no longer create an Application request in service manager because the app has allready been approved in config manager.



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