Customise Url for service manager portal


Today we create an alternative url for the service manager portal. In this case the portal is installed on 1 server.

1. Create an alias for the servername in DNS

So instead of SRVSCOR01.rdsolutions.local we’ll have helpdesk.rdsolutions.local

2. Create a new certificate with the correct name

Create the certificate from IIS

Portal Server -> IIS -> Server certificates -> Create domain certificate

Just follow the wizard.

3. Use the certificate in IIS

Make sure the cert is imported in the trusted root certification authority store on the client station.

Then select it in IIS on the portal server for SCSMWebcontentServer and Service Manager Portal.

Now modify the url in IIS for the Service Manager Portal, Application Setting.

To …

4. Now create an alternate access mapping in SharePoint

SharePoint Central Administration -> Application Management -> Configure Alternate Mappings -> Select the Service Manager Portal URL -> Edit Public URLs -> and update the alternate URL

And test as a normal user

Now let’s add some url forwarding so we can use http://helpdesk.rdsolutions.local in stead of https://helpdesk.rdsolutions.local:444/smportal.

Here’s how.

Verify the default IIS website is started and enable the Windows Authentication. In my case this was disabled.

Test the default website using IIS.

Now enable the redirection.

And test as normal user from a workstation.

Use http://helpdesk.rdsolutions.local

And observe … the result !

Okay .

Enjoy …


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