APPV DSC and SCCM 2007, All together now !


Recently had a strange issue in SCCM 2007 , APPV and DSC.

Situation :

One Virtual application with 2 mandatory dependencies , defined in OSD :

When running the adv for the APPV app we see the following :

1. Adv runs succesfully and the application registers succesfull in APPV

2. A reg key is created under the softgrid root for the packages that are referenced in OSD

3. in virtualapp.log we see 2 actions a add package and a publish package

Now we run the adv for one of the dependent packages and we see :

1. Adv runs successfully but no application is registered under APPV

2. The reg key for the specific ( dependant ) package is deleted under softgrid key

3. There’s only one action a publish and not an add of the package in virtualapp.log

How come ?

Apparently when running the adv the fact if a virtual app is registered in APPV cache is not checked in APPV itself but rather through the SCCM client registration ( notice that this is only the case for virtuall apps where DSC is used , “normal” virtual apps do not show this behavior )

When we delete the corresponding key in SCCM…

… and rerun the adv then the virtual app is added AND published and the DSC app will run.



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