Quick Tip ! Create Dynamic forms in #ServiceManager


Recently I had a discussion with a collegue about the forms functionality in Service manager, while we both think this is a great functionality he was wondering if dynamic forms could be created.

Meaning the user selects item 1 and the following options are dynamically build depending on his / her choice. Too bad this is not possible.

But wait, it is ! Here’s how .

We recently had to use this functionality in order to workaround the limitation of presenting 2000 items on the user form. In one specific environment we have 20k users and allow the selection of the user by a query.

Unfortunately only 2000 items are shown and the search box is limited to the displayed results.

So here we go :

Here we have a form where the helpdesk can select a AD user

Now let’s say we want to add a searchstring for department so the helpdesk can selecting a user depending on his department. First we add a prompt

Then we need to modify the query result

You can also use the default token for the Portal user name, but here we use the Searchstring.

And verify the result

Okay now let’s create a query for the department in stead of a free text field. First Query :

Now modify the query for the user

And observe the result …

Step 1

Step 2

You have to push refresh in order to filter the results. But it works great. Can you image the possibilities ?



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