Apply monitors or rules to a specific group of machines


We want to apply a rule or monitor to only a specific group of machines. How do we do that ?

Seems like a common question, let’s try.

First some symantics :

What I remember :

Rules : can generate alerts, can be used for collection data sets, can be used for historical reporting.

Monitors : can be used to generate a “state” of a component, have 3 states ( ok, bad and warning ), can create an alert when a state changes.

Okay, nice now back to the question, how to exclude a group of machines from a specific monitor or rule ?

Step 1 : create a group containing the machines you want

Now modify the required monitors. In this case we only want to monitor the scheduled tasks on the ts Servers.

Disable the monitor for all classes.

Now create an override for the newly created group.

Now if we check the health explorer for a member of the group.

Now if we check for a non-member.

Okay , that’s wat we wanted.



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