SCSM – Cireson – Adv Send Email


Today I’m going to discuss the “Adv Send Email” Mgmt Pack for SCSM by Cireson.

This Mmgt Pack doesn’t require XML code modifications and can be used more then once per incident.
The Management Pack can be downloaded here:

First we need to import the Mgmt Pack: 

First we need to create an email template:
We begin this Notification Template with “Send Email Form -” (this will be used later as a filter in the Send Email app)

Then we configure the settings:
Go to Administration –> Settings –> “Cireson itnetx – Advanced Send Email app”
In the field templates, we can add the prefix of which Email templates that will be available in the adv Send Email app. “Send Email Form -”
(This allows us, when sending an email, to choose from different Email Templates, in this case starting with “Send Email Form -“)

Now we can test the configuration:
Open an incident and click “Send Email” 

Select the correct template and add your question.
You can also add attachments.
Click OK 

A confirmation message will be shown 

The user gets the feedback and can reply to it – this feedback will be added to the incident by the SCSM Exchange Connector:


Matthias Waltniel


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