Pre-deploy Software to a users’ Primary Device


Today we dive in to the option of deploying software before a user logs on to his primary device.

Scenario :

We have created a user based deployment of 2 apps. Openoffice ( APPV ) and MS Orca ( MSI ).

Both deployed required to an AD Group with the option “Pre-deploy to the user’s primary device” checked.

The deployment is targeted to a collection which has a corresponding AD Group attached with direct membership.

Our test user is part of this AD Group so the deployment is targeted to him / her.

Now we deploy a virtual machine using an OSD task sequence. The task sequence has no custom steps.

Our test user has been added to our workstation as primary user. This step can also be executed during the TS.

If we check the monitoring for the deployment we see that the ts was completed at 3:15.

If we check the deployed machine we see that no userprofile for our test user exists ( so no logon occured )

If we check the log files on the client machine we see that the required apps are installed at 15:18.

If we log on to the machine with a different user we see that

MSI App Orca is installed.

And that the virtual APP OpenOffice is registered and downloaded in the SCCM cache.

Additional info can be found in CITaskmgr.log

So now a user’s apps will be predeployed to his primary device before he/she logs on.

Nice feature .



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