#Solarwinds patch manager


Today we verify an enterprise patch management solution for 3th party applications. We’ll start with solwarwinds patch manager. The product integrates with sccm 2012 , our favorite enterprise management solution.

You can download an evaluation edition here : http://www.solarwinds.com/patch-manager.aspx

This is the list that’s available in the full edition

The evaluation edition has a subset of the update catalog available.

Let’s start the install.

You’ll recieve an error if the regional settings are not set to English ( US ).

I also had an issue with the installer. Log off and retry the install fixed this error.

Choose install dir.

Select the advanced install as we want to use an existing SQL.

Start the install.

Logfiles and installers can be found under c:\programdata\Solarwinds

Also had a missing prereq SQL Server 2012 CLR types, remember that you need to install the x86 and x64 edition !

Download SQL CLR from the given link ( SQL 2008 SP3 )


Click Next.

Select a Group name.

We’ll use an existing WSUS server.

Click Next.

Supply patch manager local admin user.

Use and existing SQL instance.

Use an service account.

If required use a proxy for internet connections.

Click Next.

Verify the information for creation a GPO for provisioning the required certificate.

Register your existing WSUS Server.

Now you can add a 3th party update using the sccm console.

Here we’ll use the JRE package.

Apparently I had insufficient rights …

So you’ll need to add the required users to the role “Eminentware Enterprise Administrators”.

Okay back to the JRE and select publish the package.

This specific package requires manual actions for downloading the content…

Download the package using the supplied url.

Save it to a temp location.

Now click the “Import Source” button and browse to the download location. The console crashed once during this action though.

After the completion of the wizard you’ll see in the console that the package is downloaded and can be deployed.

Now verify in the SUP that the local published and the additional vendor , here “Sun” is selected.

Perform a sync and verify that the update is avalable in the All Software Updates view.

Now you can rightclick and deploy the update.

Download the update from your wsuscontent folder ( ! Not d:\wsuscontent )

Verify the result.

As you’ll see the deployment is not available as a software update group …

It’s just a standard deployment, you can see it in the deployment tab of the update.

On the client side you’ll see a regular deployment.




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