Sysprep issue capture task sequence


I had a strange issue lately.

Used capture task sequence to capture a thick image and upon deployment the machine was not joined in the domain.

The task sequence for capture or deployment did not give any errors.

According to the log all went well.

However when I checked the screen while the deployment is in progress then I noticed that the mini-setup wizard did not appear.

Ok so I suspect an issue with the capture image, like the sysprep was not correctly executed. So I revert the virtual machine to snapshot and run the sysprep manually.

Bingo ! We have an issue. You can check the log file at c:\windows\system32\sysprep\panther\IE

Ok now we have something to go on. Apparently this is a “known” issue.

In order to resolve stop the Windows Media Service.

Net stop WMPnetworksvc

Before capturing the image. You can just put it in the ts.



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