Azure RemoteApp



Today I want to show a new Microsoft cloud service : Azure Remoteapp. The solution is based on Server 2012 R2 Remote desktop services. It allows publishing Windows applications on a series of windows or non windows devices.


You can sign up to the preview service now using


After registration you can log on to the azure portal and create a new RemoteApp service.




You can use the quick create for a default cloud-only deployment or you can use the vpn connection for a bybrid deployment. This way the server 2012 R2 has connectivity with your on premise dc for example file server or sql connectivity required for some applications.




Name the Service.





Wait for the deployment and provisioning of the new service.


And here you are … no hassle , just make an app available in a few minutes. Nice !



The default for now if a server 2012 R2 deployment with office 2013 installed , so if you use the quick create you immediately publish some of the office apps. Okay …


Now check out the client side




Remember , there’s a client for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.




Ok install completed, let’s get started.





Log on using you credentials.





Provide the password for your account.




And you see the available apps.





Let’s start Word.



You’ll see the the RemoteApp icon on the app in the taskbar.



Back to the config side … you’ll notice that the provisioning could take up to 30′. Untill then you can’t modify the settings




This looks like a great feature and I am curious about the prices.


After some minutes you can see the available apps ,check open sessions or select the users etc.




If you want to deploy custop apps you’ll need to supply a template based on server 2012 R2 containing your custom apps.


Additional info can be found here :






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