SCOM: Retrieve Worflow Details

Many times in SCOM you will see Alerts concerning processes that failed to start. Such as “Operations Manager failed to start a process or script” and within the alert you get the workflow name i.e. “Microsoft.SQLServer.2008.ReportingServicesDiscoveryRule.Server”

Here’s a little powershell script that will give you more details upon this workflow. It will tell you wheter it concerns a discovery, monitor  or rule” and the class on which it is targeted. This info will help you in defining overrides for these alerts in the Authoring pane.



 [String] $Workflow
$Discovery = Get-SCOMDiscovery -Name $Workflow
$Rule = Get-SCOMRule -Name $Workflow
$Monitor = Get-SCOMMonitor -Name $Workflow

If ($Discovery -ne $NULL)
$Class = get-scomclass -Id $Discovery.DiscoveryClassCollection.TypeId.Id
Write-host (“Discovery : {0} – Class: {1}” -f $Discovery.DisplayName,$Class.DisplayName)
Elseif ($Rule -ne $NULL)
write-host “R”
$Class = get-scomclass -Id $Rule.Target.Id
Write-host (“Rule : {0} – Class: {1}” -f $Rule.DisplayName,$Class.DisplayName)
Elseif ($Monitor -ne $NULL)
$Class = get-scomclass -Id $Monitor.Target.Id
Write-host (“Monitor : {0} – Class: {1}” -f $Monitor.DisplayName,$Class.DisplayName)
Write-host “Workflow not found”


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