Software-update based client installation


Config manager client push installation is an easy method for gradually installing config manager clients in your environment.

Link can be found here :

Make sure you use AD extension of a set of ADM files in order to publish post installation properties for the SCCM client.

Step 1 create a policy for Specifying the Microsoft Update service location

Step 2 activate the software-update based client installation in SCCM

Overview -> Site configuration -> Sites -> Client Installation Settings

Verify in wcm.log if the config manager package was correctly publised.

Step 3 Observe the client

You can trigger the update cycle by running wuauclt /detecnow.

Then verify the windowsupdate.log

At first I noticed that no update was applicable

Now this was apparently because my test machine was in a notification license period.

So I reactivated using our kms server

And the client was available and installing

Required parameters are discovered in ADS.

Now this saves you from specifying username/password for install and opening up a bunch of RPC ports.


Update ! Make sure you do not set the Configure Automatic updates to disabled in computer policy otherwise the installation will not take place.


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