SCOM – Topology widget blank issue

Hey everyone,

Today I would like to share an issue with the Topology widget in SCOM. The topology widget allows us to upload a background image in SCOM and drop monitoring objects on them. It allows us to create some cool custom dashboards, for example:


The issue that I was experiencing was that on some computers, the background image of the widget popped up, and then suddenly disappeared, resulting in a blank dashboard without any monitoring objects. This occurs in both the web and operations console.

I have had issues with displaynames and regional settings before in management packs I created and I figured this had to be something similar. First thing I did was export the XML of the dashboard and change from  to , this sometimes resolves some displaynames issues (for distributed applications in reports for example). This did not fix my issue however.
SCOM sets this value default to “False” as I assume it looks to the regional settings of the computer you are creating the management pack on, however I am not sure of this.

When I started comparing settings between a working computer and a not working computer I saw some differences in the regional settings. The computer where the dashboard was not working had its system locale set to Dutch (Belgium).

To resolve this, simply change the system locale to English (United States) in your regional settings where you are viewing the dashboard. Changing this setting does require a reboot.


Kind regards,


Update: this issue has been resolved in 2012 UR6! Here’s the snippet from the patch notes.

  • Topology widget objects lose location when they are opened in a console that has a different locale and decimal format
    Topology widgets that are created in one locale but are viewed from another locale display an incorrect location because of the widget’s inability to interpret locale-specific formatting. This issue is fixed, and users can now create and view topology widgets from different locales.

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