Configuration Manager Client Push include Cumulative Update

Hi everyone,

I’ve always been wondering how it’s possible to easily include the latest Cumulative Updates with for example the Configuration Manager client push from the console.

A colleague of mine came up with an elegant solution, in this post I’ll describe shortly how the Cumulative Update can be included in the client push mechanism.

The latest Cumulative Update (CU4 for Configuration Manager 2012 R2) can be downloaded here: 

After installing the CU on the Primary Site Server there is an extra folder created under the installation folder on the Configuration Manager site server, this folder is called hotfix and it contains some automatically created folders visible in the below screenshot


In this post I’ll be focusing on the Client folder which contains 2 subfolders, one for the i386 patch and one for the x64 patch.

I’ll start with the x64 patch, copy the msp file from the directory Client\x64.

Browse to the source of the client package that is used for client push. By default this is the path \\[FQDN Primary Site Server]\SMS_[SiteCode]\Client. There again you have 2 folders (i386 en x64). In the x64 folder create a folder named “ClientPatch” and copy the msp file into this folder.

For the i386 msp file repeat the previous steps and copy the other msp file to the “ClientPatch” folder in the i386 folder

The structure of the client package should look similar like this:


After the necessary files and folders are added make sure you update the package on the distribution points so the next time a client push is done the most recent files are used. All content located in the “ClientPatch” subfolders will be automatically installed.

The ccmsetup.log on the client should show extra info about the update being installed. Also an extra log is created, in this case called: “configmgr2012ac-r2-kb3026739-x64.msp”


In the future, when new CU’s are released simply follow the same procedure and replace the “old” msp-files with the “new” ones.

Extra benefit: When using the same package in your task sequences, the CU will also be applied automatically, without extra parameters. So after the task sequence has completed the client will be on the latest CU without having to update afterwards.

Hope this helps!

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2 Responses to Configuration Manager Client Push include Cumulative Update

  1. alexandrelizarov says:

    thank you very much! It is exactly what I was finding!

  2. alexandrelizarov says:

    I use your method while installing OS by MDT/

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