Orchestrator run .NET version



We’re using a simple script to enumerate all AD groups containing info in a notes field in Orchestrator.

The script is this :

import-module activedirectory -force

$ArrayProcessList = @()

$Searchbase = “OU=Security Groups,OU=Groups,DC=localdomain,DC=com”

$results = get-adgroup -filter {info -like “*”} -searchbase $searchbase

foreach ( $result in $results )


$ArrayProcessList += $result.distinguishedname



When running in the runbook tester with an admin user all works fine. However when testing with a calling runbook so the runbook is executed on the runbook server using service acocunts I recieve an error:


Hmm strange.

Digging into this issue I noticed that the powershell version running using the run .net script is a V2.0 X86 powershell edition ( thank for that Thomas 🙂 )

As you can see in the default V3 version the import-module works.


And this doesn’t work in the V2 version :


Okay , so we have identified the issue , how to resolve it ?

We like this : http://karlprosser.com/coder/2012/04/16/calling-powershell-v3-from-orchestrator-2012/

Modify the script so it starts a new powershell session and pass the output


So start with a variable and run powershell { command} after this, make sure you output the desired result and then pass the initial variable as published data.


And check result !



Yes ! Success.


Gino D


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