ADR and wsus sync #RDProud



Today I had a strange issue with some ADR. As you see we have 4 ADR set ( WKS Pilot & Production and SRV Pilot & Production )


Now if we check our Software update packages we see that for August we only have one package for WKS Production. None for the rest. How come ?


Let’s verify the logging. The execution of the ADR is logged in ruleengine.log


No applicable updates found for the first ADR.


146 updates found in the latest ADR. How come ?

Solution is found in the WSUS sync log. We see that at 09:00 when the first ADR was run the catalog file was not yet synced, so it did not contain the new updates. At 11:06 however it was synced so my ADR from 11:55 found all the required updates.


Okay so we modify the Sync Schedule for WSUS each 8 hours starting at 20:00.



Gino D


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