Move SquaredUp directory to other location

Hi all,

Today I’ve had the need to move the directory where SquaredUp files are stored from the C:\inetpub\SquaredUp to another drive on the same server (G:\inetpub\SquaredUp).

What I initially tried was a copy paste of the folder to the new location and changing the Website properties to the new folder location and restarted IIS.


This seemed to work, the website was still online

Then I’ve deleted the SquaredUp folder on the previous location (C:\inetpub\SquaredUp) and when connecting to SquaredUp I received an error 500 – Internal server error.


After checking all settings in IIS and not seeing anything wrong I went to look in the applicationhost.config in the directory C:\windows\system32\inetsrv\config and I found out there was still 1 reference to the old directory in there.


Changing the C:\ to G:\  (after creating a backup of the file) and restarting IIS did the trick, SquaredUp was back online.


Hope this helps,



EDIT: I was experiencing problems when I wanted to publish changes to an existing dashboard. I received this error in the console (I could see that by using F12 tools in my browser):

pageContextId=f65e35cb-7a40-403e-9fda-8a974e29eb7e 500 (Internal Server Error) send @ jquery-1.11.2.js?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:4ie.extend.ajax @ jquery-1.11.2.js?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:4a @ BaseComponents?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:2Ractive.components.GridPage.Ractive.components.Base.extend.publish @ BaseComponents?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:2(anonymous function) @ BaseComponents?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:2(anonymous function) @ jquery-1.11.2.js?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:3c @ jquery-1.11.2.js?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:3d.fireWith @ jquery-1.11.2.js?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:3n @ jquery-1.11.2.js?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:4t @ jquery-1.11.2.js?squaredupbuild=50de6ac2:4

Because of moving everything from C:\inetpub\squaredup to G:\inetpub\squaredup the permissions got messed up. Using the following command the permissions were reset and everything was good to go:

“G:\inetpub\wwwroot\squaredupv2\tools\config.exe” applypermissions

This resets the permissions for the application identity account (in my case that was still NetworkService). When using a custom application identity after the applypermissions the SID of the user should be added eg.:

“G:\inetpub\wwwroot\squaredupv2\tools\config.exe” applypermissions S-1-5-21-3684388899-3955262116-226316336-1130

The SID of a user can be found using wmic useraccount where (name=’username’ and domain=’domain’) get sid

This issue was quickly resolved thanks to the fast response of SquaredUp Support, thanks!





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