SCCM Distribution point down !

Ho ho ho,

Almost merry Christmas everyone ! Enjoy the holidays .

Until then, here’s some useful information about fallback locations in sccm 2012.

As you all know there are lots of different options for redirecting a client to a specific distribution point for downloading content. The most common setup involves “preferred” distribution points linked to a specific boundary group. By specifying the option “allow fallback source location” on the distribution point we can allow clients to use a fallback option when content is not available.


Now there is a great blog going through the option in detail :

Here’s the catch however. These scenario’s all work when the DP is online but the content is unavailable.

But , if the DP is offline the deployment will fail as the MP will continue to present these DP’s to the clients even while unavailable. The client will retry the unavailable DP for 8 hours until switching to the next.

You can find detailed info about the behavior here :


So what can we do ?

Well we can remove the DP from our boundary group and then the MP will no longer present it to the client.


Nice ! But that’s a manual action. No, not really as we can use orchestrator to run a simple ping test on our DP and when it’s unavailable just run a powershell script to remove it from the boundary group and add some alerting ( in our case we create an alert in SCOM ).

Some good examples can be found here :

Enjoy !

Gino D


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