Reboot notifications


Reboot notifications , we all hate to reboot. Normally the less the better but as … an admin you want to pursuade your users into rebooting the device from time to time. Keeps it healthy and running smoothly.

Now in sccm we have several options for rebooting. In this particalur case we supress the reboot for the update deployment. So the user gets notified but not forced to reboot.

Unfortunately the result was this :


That’s odd the windows update reboot notification was not wat we wanted. If we check the notifications area we see 2 notifications : one for sccm client and one for windows update.


The setting required to modify this behavior was the following :

· System -> Windows Components -> Windows Update -> Configure Automatic Updates :Disabled

· Re-prompt for restart : Disabled.


After modification of these policies the result was better ! Just one notification.


And if the user presses the Open restart button :


Or select the restart now option :


In the software center applet you can see detailed info about which update requires a reboot.


Now the behavior is different for software installations requiring a reboot. For example this IE11 installation returns a 3010.


The user will be notified about a required reboot on the device , the settings are be configured by the sccm client settings for “Computer Restart”


The user will recieve a popup :


If ignored the restart icon will stay in the notification area.


Now according to the settings there is a permanent message shown as soon as there is only 15′ left on the clock. The color of the progress bar will change and the hide button will become unavailable.



Gino D


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