Windows Store For Business


Windows Store for business is an exciting new concept of a seperate Windows Store for business users. You log on with your corporate account and have access to commercial or LOB apps provided by your company.

Let’s get started !

Log on as admin and invite a publisher, this allows that specific account to upload a universal application in order to be available in the Windows Store for company X. This should be a Microsoft Dev Account ( personal or Business, both work ).

High-level the process is as follows


Now in this scenario we will only present the LOB by the Windows Store for business, you can however also deploy the app offline by using ESD or sync with a your MDM for deployment ( Intune ex. )

Additional info about these scenario’s can be found here

After completing check your LOB publishers.


Check the LOB publishers in order to verify the user is approved


Now as soon as your publisher has uploaded his/her custom universal app and validation has succeeded it will be available in your store ( may take approx 48 hours !)


48hours later … All right … app available.


Now you can add the app to your inventoy …


Now open Manage -> Inventory and you should see your universal app.



Now add your app to the private store.


Add in progress ( may take up to 24 hours )


Wait for it ! Meanwhile you can see the mixture of personal and corporate account linked to the Windows Store. In my case I have multiple accounts added on my Azure AD joined machine so you’ll see both accounts. If I click a link in the normal, commercial store my hotmail account will be used, in a link from the Realdolmen store my corporate account will be used.


Now let’s install the test app


Yes installed !


Now you as an admin can see the used license and recall if required, now this particular test app has unlimited licenses.


Now we also observed that as soon as a new version of our universal app is uploaded to the store the application is updated without any notification / interaction from the user.


Gino D


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