Content SC Day available

June 23, 2012


I hereby upload the CR version of the slidedeck used at the system center day. Thanks for coming.

Link :

Kind regs

Gino D


Run as commandline

October 20, 2011

The situation is as follows :

We have an osd task sequence that runs a specific command line ( a vb script that modifies the ManagedBy attribute in AD ) as a specific user.

Tested with no additional apps deployed, all works fine. We redeploy with the core apps and we recieve an error during the run as specific account command line.

The error is : Cscript error : can’t find script engine “Vbscript” for script “<Full Path to called on vbscript>

Strange because if we run the task sequence without the core apps the step works without any error !

So after some searching we found that the guilty part of software was the Vmware Tools installation.

The installation modified the reg key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Com3\REGDBVersion from 01 00 00 to 06 00 00.

I found that the key is related to COM+ settings but I did not find any specific explanation about the effect of changing the key.

In our case we modified the key back to the original value after the installation of the Vmware tools and the task sequence runs like a charm.

Success ….

Modify WinPE

September 27, 2011

Okay , I am sure you have all been there in one or two rare occasions :
You perform a bare-metal deployment , something goes wrong ( yes , it does happen sometimes ) you open your command prompt in WinPE and try to verify the logfiles.

Oh shoot, I don’t have trace32 on my WinPE and my keyboard is in Qwerty.

Now you can modify your PE boot image but this means you have to potentially do this again after an update of the SCCM installation.

So the following sequence shows you how to set the correct KB layout and add trace32 to your PE in your Task Sequence. Easy…
Just remember , if an error occurs before these steps are executed … Then your PE won’t be modified. ( of course )

So First set the KB layout using a custom task. ( Belgium – Dutch here )

Now add the trace32 executable with a simple copy command. Use a package that contains the necesarry files.

Now add some additional registry information to avoid the annoying pop up asking if you want to associate trace32 to the .log file type extension.

The registry entry contains the following keys.