Cireson My Work Items

January 21, 2014


Now we check another added value by Cireson, the combined My work items view.

It allows for a combined view of all required actions for an analyst user.

Installation is easy , it’s a management pack that can be imported.

After import you’ll get additional info in the administration pane.

You can check the detailed installation instructions at

Now close and open the console and you’ll see and additional view : My Active Work Items

Modify the settings in order to verify AD group membership

Now let’s take an incident and assign it to a incident support AD group.

Our test user is part of this group and the items appear under his active work item view :

Now let’s do the same for a service request

Et voila …

Nice feature.



#Cireson added value on System Center

October 16, 2013


As you’ve probably heard Cireson has a number of addons on the system center service manager. Today we talk about some of them.

Additional information can be found on the cireson website here :

First up : The notify analyst solution.

In short : the addon allows notification of user / group upon assignment of workitems. Detailed information can be found here :

Our ( free trial ) version had the incident and the service request notifications available.

Now let’s start with the creation of an incident template for the notification.

Add the required information for the email.

Select the newly created template in the incident settings page.

And test, assign an incident to a specific Analyst and verify the result.

You can verify the status of the workflow using the console.

… and the result

So there you have it, nice easy-to-use and does just what it says.

Second up : The Cireson web console.

Well heard comment , people like web consoles ( if they are fast and responsive and offer the same functionalities as a native console 🙂 ).

Cireson has an addon for the service manager console to be available as a web console. ( based on html 5 )

Install is pretty straightforward and well documented, and afterwards you get an additional settings button.

In the general settings we can define the AD Group that contains all the analysts who have access to the webconsole.

In the AD prefix we define a prefix that will be used for enumeration of Incident and service request tier groups.

Example we have “Tier 1” as a incident tier defined.

We also have an AD Group SCSM-Tier 1 containing several members.

Now if we start the web console we can assign an icident to a specific user after selecting the tier.

Unfortunately , this did’t work at first.Because … my language settings in IE were modified. I was using the dutch language.

Now if we start the “Assign to Analyst by group” button

We see that no users are available …

But if we rename the group to “SCSM-Laag 1” , logoff and try again …

Then we see it works as expected. A solution could be to use nested groups. ( Create an EN group and make member of the NL group etc. )

The rest of the console looks very promising. A lot of functionalities are available using the web console.

Also a very nice Search Work items tab can be used :

The only thing I am missing is the “send email functionality” on the portal … maybe a feature request 🙂

Overall a real added value for the service manager.


Gino D