Deploy Windows Store Application to Windows RT using Windows Intune

Hi all,

Previously I showed how to enroll a Windows RT device for Windows Intune.

Today I will show you how a Windows Store application can be made available through the company portal. Let’s get started!

First of all open the Windows Intune Admin console:


First of all we have to create the software that needs to be available. Select the Software Tab and go to managed software.


Here you have an overview off all software that was previously created, click Add Software. A setup.exe file will be downloaded. When a popup appears to ask if you want to run this application click Yes (obviously). Sign in with your Windows Intune account.

When the before you begin page appears, click Next


Select External link and provide the URL to the Windows Store application you want to add to the company portal.

Here I will add Onenote from the Windows Store. To find the link to the application simply google (or bing or whatever): “Onenote Windows Store”. Normally the first hit will be the right one, copy this link into the wizard page and click Next.


Provide all information needed. Add an icon if wanted, click Next


Review all information, edit by going back if needed. If everything is as it should be click Upload


Review succes :-).


Now go back to the Windows Intune Admin console and review the managed software, Onenote should be available here.


Now we still have to deploy the application, therefore a user group should be created which will be targeted by the deployment. Befor clicking the Manage Deployment button make sure this group is present.

Click Manage Deployment.

Select the right group and click Add, add additional groups if needed. When finished click Next


Change the approval to Available Install and click Finish


When a user which is member from the targeted group opens the company portal on a Windows RT device, he should see Onenote being available for him.


When the application is selected, the user gets redirected to the Windows Store where he is able to download the appropriate application.

That was all for today.




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